7.1 Choreography

This clause defines the method by which a company can provide an individual message defined in the Recording Data and Rights Notification Standard and the Recording Data and Rights Revenue Reporting Standard to a business partner via (i) an SFTP server that is hosted by the Message Sender, (ii) an SFTP server that is hosted by the Message Recipient or (iii) an SFTP server that is hosted by a third party. This specification does not therefore define on whose hardware the files are being stored. This is for the Message Sender and the Message Recipient to agree.

The choreography of the FTP Message-by-Message Profile is as depicted below:

The RdrAcknowledgementMessage is defined in Clause 9 of this standard.

The file naming conventions for the FTP Message-by-Message Profile are defined in Clause 7.2 and Clause 7.3 of this standard.

The recipient of the RdrAcknowledgementMessage may remove an RdrAcknowledgementMessage from the FTP server after an appropriate and mutually agreed period of time. The default period is one month.