7.3 File Naming Convention

To ensure sequential processing, a Message file is identified by its type and date and time of its creation in the form TTTT_YYYYMMDDhhmmssuuunnn with: 

  • TTTT being the name (root tag) of the Message for the RDR Notifcation standard or XXX for the flat file Reporting Message;

  • YYYY being the year of Message creation;

  • MM being the month of Message creation;

  • DD being the day of Message creation;

  • hh being the hour of Message creation;

  • mm being the minute of Message creation;

  • ss being the second of Message creation;

  • uuu being the millisecond of Message creation; and

  • nnn being the nanosecond of Message creation.

The file name of the RdrAcknowledgementMessage for each Message shall be the string ACK_, followed by the file name that is being acknowledged.