8.2 Batch Constraints

MThe maximum size of a Batch is not defined in this standard but shall be agreed by the Message Sender and Message Recipient before using this profile. It is not permitted to include claims with respect to the same Sound Recording more than once in a single Batch.

If the Message Sender wants to have several Batches “open” at the same time, it needs to ensure that no claims with respect to the same Sound Recording are contained in more than one Batch.

The maximum time a Batch may be kept “open” is a matter for the Message Sender and Message Recipient to define in their commercial agreement.

To ensure sequential processing, a Batch is identified by the date and time of its creation in the form YYYYMMDDhhmmssuuunnn with

  • YYYY being the year of Batch creation;

  • MM being the month of Batch creation;

  • DD being the day of Batch creation;

  • hh being the hour of Batch creation;

  • mm being the minute of Batch creation;

  • ss being the second of Batch creation

  • uuu being the millisecond of Batch creation; and

  • nnn being the nanosecond of Batch creation.

The Message Sender shall make sure that for each of its Message Recipient this BatchId is unique.